The First Time I Saw A Starfish

Isn’t it wonderful that in my 29 years of existence, that only for today that I saw real starfish?

I just picture it out through fairytales and cartoons. Since then, I wanted to see it in actual. Every summer, during my childhood days, we often go to the beach. But unfortunately, starfish seems rare to see. And this is how I saw starfish.

They are on the stones hiding… Can you see it?

Do they live inside the coral Reef Stone? Yes, I guess so. It is to hide from predators if I am not mistaken.

This is it. An actual photo of starfish. I took pictures of it when they got out of the reefs

And look at these. So wonderful. Looks like its a Sea Urchin. Correct me if I am wrong.
Life is really wonderful. Just look around and see how great it is.

My Life!

Hi! You could call me austee. I am new to blogging. I will be writing about my life experiences. Life is full of mysteries and my life is like that.I hope everyone of you will be  inspired and delighted with my life experiences.

The topics I will write will be on love, faith, and family life. As I write, I will add topics of any kind of sorts — from political views, scientific views, trends, clothings, news, etc.